Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

1. Thomas Atkins. Water Tunnel with Moving Walls. M. S. Thesis. June,1965. UCRL-16188.

2. Limin Hsueh. Mass Transfer and Polarization at a Rotating Disk Electrode.M. S. Thesis. January, 1966. UCRL-16607.

3. Ping Huei Sih. Numerical Computation of Flow past Obstacles. M. S.Thesis. January, 1966. UCRL-16653.

4. Marvin Edward McDonald. Numerical Calculation for the Steady LaminarFlow past a Circular Cylinder. M. S. Thesis. September, 1966. UCRL-16960.

5. Paul Milios. A Theoretical Analysis of the Moving Boundary Measurementof Transference Nuumbers. M. S. Thesis. September, 1967. UCRL-17807.

6. Thomas W. Chapman. The Transport Properties of Concentrated ElectrolyticSolutions. Dissertation. November, 1967. UCRL-17768.

7. Vinay Marathe. Current Distribution on a Rotating Disk Electrode.M. S. Thesis. June, 1968. UCRL-18264.

8. Limin Hsueh. Diffusion and Migration in Electrochemical Systems.Dissertation. December, 1968. UCRL-18597.

9. Kemal Nisancioglu. Diffusion in Concentrated Electrolytic Solutions.M. S. Thesis. January, 1970. UCR;-19128.

10. Kong-Heong Tan. Moving-Boundary Measurements of Transference Numbers.M. S. Thesis. March, 1970. UCRL-19141.

11. Ping Sih. Mass Transfer to the Rear of an Object at Low ReynoldsNumber Flow. Dissertation. May, 1971. UCRL-20509.

12. Nader Vahdat. Corrosion of Iron Rotating Disk. M. S. Thesis. June,1972. LBL-873.

13. Harry Hung-Kwan Yip. Mass Transfer Coefficient in Packed Beds atLow Reynolds Numbers. M. S. Thesis. June, 1973. LBL-1831.

14. Kemal Mustafa Nisancioglu. Current Distribution and Mass Transferin Rotating Electrode Systems. Dissertation. September, 1973. LBL-1880.

15. Robert Victor Homsy. Mass Transfer to a Plane below a Rotating Disk.Dissertation. March, 1974. LBL-2291.

16. Thomas James Edwards. Thermodynamics of Aqueous Solutions ContainingOne or More Volatile Weak Electrolytes. M. S. Thesis. June, 1974.

17. Charles Milton Mohr, Jr. Mass Transfer in Rotating Electrode Systems.Dissertation. October, 1975. LBL-3913.

18. Joseph John Miksis, Jr. Primary Resistances for Ring-Disk Electrodes.M. S. Thesis. November, 1975. LBL-4537.

19. Peter Willem Appel. Electrochemical Systems: Impedance of a RotatingDisk and Mass Transfer in Packed Beds. Dissertation. May, 1976. LBL-5132.

20. Ralph Edward White. Simultaneous Reactions on a Rotating-Disk Electrode.Dissertation. March, 1977. LBL-6094.

21. Thomas James Edwards. Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in MulticomponentAqueous Solutions of Volatile Electrolytes. Dissertation. October, 1977.

22. Bruce Abbott Gordon. Corrosion of Iron-Base Alloys by Coal Charat 871° and 982°C. M. S. Thesis. April, 1978. LBL-7604.

23. Peter S. Fedkiw. Mass Transfer Controlled Reactions in Packed Bedsat Low Reynolds Numbers. Dissertation. December, 1978. LBL-8509.

24. Thomas Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster. The Effect of Coal Char on theCorrosion of 304 SS. M. S. Thesis. June, 1979. LBL-9308.

25. James Arthur Trainham, III. Flow-Through Porous Electrodes. Dissertation.August, 1979. LBL-9565.

26. Richard Pollard. Mathematical Modeling of the Lithium-Aluminum,Iron Sulfide Battery. Dissertation. December, 1979. LBL-10197.

27. Clarence Garlan Law, Jr. Corrosion of Iron. Dissertation. November,1980. LBL-11305.

28. Peter Eugene Pierini. A Study of Ring and Ring-Disk Electrodes.Dissertation. May, 1981. LBL-12776.

29. Ellen Marie Pawlikowski. Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Volatile, WeakElectrolytes in Aqueous Solutions. Dissertation. November, 1981.

30. Mark Edward Orazem. Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Liquid-JunctionPhotovoltaic Cells. Dissertation. June, 1983. LBL-16131.

31. Gary George Trost. Applications of Porous Electrodes to Metal-IonRemoval and the Design of Battery Systems. Dissertation. September, 1983.LBL-16852.

32. Timothy Kent Risch. The Transport Properties of Sodium Poly- sulfideMelts and a Theoretical Comparison of Flow-Through and Flow-By Porous Electrodes at the Limiting Current. M. S. Thesis. December, 1983. LBL-17160.

33. Alan K. Hauser. The Corrosion of a Zinc Rotating Disk in One MolarHydrochloric Acid. M. S. Thesis. April, 1984. LBL-17461.

34. Philip Paul Russell. Corrosion of Iron: The Active-Passive Transitionand Sustained Electrochemical Oscillations. Dissertation. February, 1984.

35. Michael John Matlosz. Experimental Methods and Software Tools forthe Analysis of Electrochemical Systems. Dissertation. March, 1985. LBL-19375.

36. Susan Dale Thompson. Mass Transport in Sodium Polysulfide Melts.M. S. Thesis. September, 1985. LBL-20762.

37. Dawn Marie Bernardi. Mathematical Modeling of Lithium(alloy), IronSulfide Cells and the Electrochemical Precipitation of Nickel Hydroxide.Dissertation. February, 1986. LBL-20858.

38. Victoria Ann Edwards. Design of Thin-Gap Channel Flow Cells. Dissertation.July, 1986. LBL-21848.

39. Suresh Chand Jain. Kinetics of Sphalerite Activation. Dissertation.April, 1987.

40. Chrystalla C. Haili. The Corrosion of Iron Rotating Hemispheresin 1 M Sulfuric Acid: An Electrochemical Impedance Study. M. S. Thesis.June, 1987. LBL-23776.

41. Gregg M. Sisler. Adsorption of Dilute-Aqueous Zinc Ions in the ElectricalDouble Layer of a Porous-Carbon Electrode. M. S. Thesis. December, 1987.LBL-24406.

42. Andrew A. Mason. Modeling and Optimization of Li-Alloy/Metal-SulfideMolten Salt Batteries. M. S. Thesis. September, 1988. LBL-26159.

43. Alan Kent Hauser. Steady-State and Impedance Analyses of ElectrochemicalKinetics and Mass Transfer. Dissertation. April, 1989. LBL-27123.

44. Alan C. West. Effects of Nonuniform Potential and Current Distributionsin Electrochemical Systems. Dissertation. December, 1989. LBL-28076.

45. Paul Mark Shain. Cyclic Voltammetry at a Rotating Disk, Electroreductionof Nitrate in Acidic Nickel Solutions, and Frequency-Response Analysisof Porous Electrodes. Dissertation. June, 1990. LBL-29118.

46. Anthony Joseph Grabowski. Current and Potential Distributions ona Cylinder Electrode. M. S. Thesis. July, 1990. LBL-29312.

47. Mei-Hui Wang. The Electrical Conductivity of Sodium PolysulfideMelts. M. S. Thesis. June, 1992. LBL-32538.

48. Thomas F. Fuller. Solid-polymer-electrolyte Fuel Cells. Dissertation.July, 1992. LBL-32577.

49. Bavanethan Pillay. Development and Application of the Quasi-potentialTransformation. M. S. Thesis. August, 1992. LBL-32728.

50. Vincent S. Battaglia. Current-Potential Characteristics of ElectrochemicalSystems. Dissertation. July, 1993. LBL-34386.

51. Douglas John Eames. Production of Chlorine from Anhydrous HydrogenChloride in a Solid-Polymer Electrolyte Cell. M. S. Thesis. January, 1994.

52. Benjamin Mark Rush. Potentiostatic Current Oscillations in the Iron/SulfuricAcid System. M. S. Thesis, May, 1994. LBL-35834.

53. Carolyn Renee Pals. Thermal Modeling of the Lithium/Polymer Battery.M. S. Thesis, September, 1994. LBL-36293.

54. C. Marc Doyle. Design and Simulation of Lithium Rechargeable Batteries.Dissertation, August, 1995. LBL-37650.

55. Blaine Kermit Paxton. Mathematical Modeling of the Nickel/MetalHydride Battery System. M. S. Thesis, September, 1995. LBL-37551.

56. Bavanethan Pillay. Design of Electrochemical Capacitors for EnergyStorage. Dissertation, July, 1996. LBNL-39085.

57. Chung-Pong Lau. Determination of Transference Numbers using theGalvanostatic-Polarization Method. M. S. Thesis, October, 1996. LBNL-40030.

58. Gerhard Walter Matzen. Effect of Microscale Protrusions on LocalFluid Flow and Mass Transport in the Presence of Forced Convection. Dissertation,January, 1997. LBNL-39841.

59. Elizabeth Nicole Swayne. Simultaneous Measurements of Conductance,Disjoining Pressure, and Thickness for Single Foam Films. M. S. Thesis,February, 1997.

60. Kathryn Podolske Ta. Solid-State Diffusion-Coefficient Measurementand Modeling of Intercalation Materials. Dissertation, May, 1997. LBNL-40353.

61. Craig Michael Gates. Equilibrium and Diffusion Measurements of Methanoland Water in a Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membrane. M. S. Thesis, December,1997.

62. Edward K. Yeh. Equilibrium Configurations of Liquid Droplets onSolid Surfaces under the Influence of Thin-Film Forces. M. S. Thesis, September,1998.

63. Jeremy Patrick Meyers. Simulation and Analysis of the Direct MethanolFuel Cell. Dissertation, December, 1998.

64. Robert Mason Darling. Lithium Manganese Oxide Spinel Electrodes.Dissertation, December, 1998.

65. Christian Georg Fellner. High-Power Batteries for Use in HybridVehicles. M. S. Thesis, December, 1998.

66. Darryl Wayne Dunn. Modeling of Supercapacitors. M.S. Thesis, February,1999.

67. Divesh Bhatt. Influence of Deformation on (Drop-Bubble)-Solid EquilibriumSurface Forces. M. S. Thesis, June, 2000.

68. Robert Donald Villwock. Recovery of Chlorine from Waste Anhydrous Chloride by Means of an Electrochemical Membrane Reactor. Dissertation, August, 2000.

69. Javit Ahmed Drake. Numerical Simulation of a Simons Gas-Liquid ElectrochemicalFlow Reactor: Cell Profiles, Multiple Steadu States, and Transient LinearStability. Dissertation, October, 2000.

70.  Christian Bogatu.  Entropy of Lithium Ions in Insertion Electrodes.  Studienarbeit, December, 2000.

71. Hooman Hafezi.  Characterization of Transport Phenomena inPolymer Electrolyte Systems.  Dissertation, May, 2002.

72. Karen Elizabeth Thomas. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Thermal andInterfacial Phenomena.  Dissertation, May, 2002.

73. Heather Darya Yaros. Evaluation of Derjaguin, Landau, Verwey, and Overbeck (DLVO) Theory with Disjoining-Pressure and Film-Conductance Measurements of Surfactant Stabilized Free Foam Films. Dissertation, May, 2002.

74.  Dean Richard Wheeler.  Molecular Simulation of Diffusion in Electrolytes.  Dissertation, December, 2002.

75.  Divesh Bhatt.  Molecular Simulation of Disjoining Pressures.  Dissertation, 2004.

76.  Chuck Monroe.  Dendrite Initiation and Growth in Lithium/Polymer Systems.  Dissertation, September, 2004.

77.   Adam Weber.  Modeling Water Management in Polymer-Electrolyte Fuel Cells.  Dissertation, October, 2004.

78. Jake Christensen. Failure Mechanisms in Lithium-ion Batteries. Dissertation, December, 2005.

79. Sarah Stewart. Determination of Transport Properties and Optimization of Lithium-ion Batteries. Dissertation, December, 2007.

80. Jeremy Couts. Effects of Internal Cell Resistance and Constant Open-circuit Potential on the Effective Capacity of Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries. M.S. Thesis, December, 2007.

81. Ryan Balliet. Water Movement in Non-operating Polymer-Electrolyte Membrane Fuels Cells at Temperatures Below 0 C. M.S. Thesis, May, 2008.