Jeremy, Rob, Prof. Seaborg, and BobThere's nothing like a drop-in visit from a Nobel laureate to make you want to work harder.  The Newman group resides on the third floor of Gilman Hall, former stomping grounds for Glenn Seaborg.  We were fortunate to have been visited periodically (!) by Professor Seaborg, often with a camera crew in tow.  Pictured here are Jeremy Meyers, Rob Darling, Glenn Seaborg, and Bob Villwock in March, 1998.  To learn more about Professor Seaborg's life and contributions, the best place to start is his own web site.  Aside from his many important achievements in adding 10 transuranium elements to the periodic table, advising presidents, and fighting for better education, you'll learn that an anagram for Seaborg is "Go Bears!".