Chemical Engineering 295B

Studies in Electrochemical, Hydrodynamic, and Interfacial Phenomena

Students should bring papers to nominate to the first meeting.  Papers will be selected by vote.

A 15-minute to half-hour summary of the reading material is designed to catalyze discussion. The summary should be brief and should be completed in no case later than 5:40 p.m. A summary should also mention the key points in the reading and bring up unclear passages. Other members of the class are also encouraged to have questions prepared in advance. The discussion leader should prepare copies of the material and leave them outside of 306 Gilman Hall a week before the paper will be discussed.

Papers with 'TBA' for a leader need a volunteer to lead the discussion. Sign up on the bulletin board outside Professor Newman's office at 306 Gilman Hall.

CHE 295 B

Schedule for Fall 2010

Class meets TUESDAY evening from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. in 109 Gilman Hall.






Aug 31

Maureen Tang

D. Shanmukaraj, et. al. "Sacrificial salts: Compensating the initial charge irreversibility in lithium batteries." 
Electrochemistry Communications. 2010.

Sep 7

Nathan Craig

S. M. Sze. Physics of Semiconductor Devices 2nd Ed. John Wiley and Sons 1981. pg 50-51, 74-77, 84-92

Sep 14

Alan Berger

Pierre Hollmuller, et. al. "Evaluation of a 5 kWp photovoltaic hydrogen production and storage installation for 
a residential home in Switwerland." International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 25 (200) 97-109.

Sep 21

Vijay Boovaragavan

Jin Suntivich et. al., "Electrocatalytic Measurement Methodology of Oxide
Catalysts Using a Thin-Film Rotating Disk Electrode," Journal of The
Electrochemical Society, 157 (8) B1263-B1268 (2010).

Sep 28

Tony Ferrese

Xiao, XR; Wu, W; Huang, XS : A Multiscale approach to stress analysis of polymeric separators in a lithium 
ion battery." JPS, vol. 195, pg. 7649-7660 (2010).

Oct 5

Jay Keist

T. Kuboki, T. Okuyama, T. Ohsaki, N. Takami. “Lithium-air batteries using hydrophobic room temperature ionic liquid electrolyte” Journal of Power Sources 146 (2005) 766–769.

Oct 12


ECS Meeting

Oct 19

Boris Russ

Park, S.G. et al. "Bioinspired holographically featured superhydrophobic and supersticky nanostructured materials," Langmuir, 2009.

Oct 26

Nathan Craig

Balastre, M. et. al. Macromolecules. 35. iss. 25 pg. 9480-9486 (2002).

Nov 2

Penny Gunterman

Z. Fishman, J. Hinebaugh, and A. Bazylak, “Microscale Tomography Investigations of Heterogeneous 
Porosity Distributions of PEMFC GDLs,” Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 157 (11) B1643-B1650 (2010).

Nov 9

Sarika Goel

L.Hu, H.Wu, F. L. Mantia, Y. Yang, Y. Cui, "Thin, Flexible Secondary Li-Ion Paper Batteries," ACS Nano, Articles ASAP (2010).

Nov 16

Ryan Balliet

J. P. Meyers and R. M. Darling, ” Model of Carbon Corrosion in PEM Fuel Cells” 
J. EIectrochem.Soc. 153 (8) A1432-A1442 (2006).

Nov 23


Nov 30