Group Photo Summer 2011

Key to group photograph:

From left to right

Nate Craig
Alan Berger
Jing Mao
Tony Ferrese
Professor John Newman

Group Contact Information: You can reach the Newman lab by phone at (510) 643-1972

Group Member Biographies (with most senior members listed first)

Penny Gunterman (2005), haluna (at)

Penny joined UC Berkeley after graduating from Caltech in 2005 with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business. She is now working on 2-d modeling of water management in fuel cells and continues to explore her interests in international business.

Maureen Tang (2007), mtang (at)

Maureen graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2007 before coming to UC Berkeley. She is working on modeling and experiments on lithium-ion batteries.

Nate Craig (2007), nathancraig (at)

Nate completed a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in 2007. He is planning to do modeling and/or experimental work on renewable energy.

Anthony Ferrese (2008), anthony.ferrese (at)

Anthony graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2008 before coming to Berkeley. He is curreltly looking into the effects of two-dimensional shape change in lithium-metal batteries.

Alan Berger (2009), alanberger (at)

Alan graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009. He is working on modeling photovoltaic structures embedded in a water-splitting membrane.

Recent Alumni (and present location)


Paul Albertus

Ryan Balliet

Jake Christensen

Robert Darling 

Marc Doyle

Javit Drake

Darryl Dunn

Christian Fellner

Tom Fuller

Craig Gates

Arne Geiger

Hooman Hafezi

Jeremy Meyers

Chuck Monroe

Blaine Paxton

Bava Pillay

Justin Salminen

Venkat Srinivasan

Sarah Stewart

Kathy Ta

Karen Thomas-Alyea

Bob Villwock

Adam Weber

Dean Wheeler

Heather Yaros

Ed Yeh


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