Undergraduate Members of the Hydrogen Chapter

Silver Alkhafaji


Major at UC Berkeley: Chemical Biology
Group at Berkeley: Professor Michael Marletta, joined 2018
Research Interests: Drug discovery, drug development, and chemoproteomics
ISP Initiation: 2017
Other Interests: Poetry and prose writing, soccer, yoga, martial arts/self defense, and kickboxing 


Tingting Fu


Major at UC Berkeley: Chemistry
Group at Berkeley: Professor Richmond Sarpong, joined 2011
Research Interests: Natural product synthesis and carbonyl imidazole catalysis
ISP Initiation: 2011
Other Interests: Swimming, traveling, indoor rock climbing, volunteering, and community service 


Aubri Thompson


Major at UC Berkeley: Chemistry
Group at Berkeley: Professors Jennifer A. Doudna and Eva Nogales, joined 2015
Research Interests: CRISPR-Cas systems and chemical biology 
ISP Initiation: 2015
Other Interests: Skiing, hiking, and playing guitar

Contact: aubrijoanne@berkeley.edu

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