May 2014

Many of our graduate students (Doran Bennett, Kapil Amarnath, Ian Ryu, Ashley Hoover) and one of our post-docs, Vanessa Huxter, finished their time in the Fleming group in May. To celebrate and send them off, the Fleming group celebrated over french fries and beers at Free House in Berkeley. We wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors!


Left: Julia Zaks and Eleonora, Room 1 Buddies



Left: Doran Bennett and Kapil Amarnath: Modeling buddies


Left: Kapil Amarnath, Hui Dong, and Vanessa Huxter


Left: Arijit Kumar De and Ashely Hoover

August 12th, 2011: Gabriela's Last Day.

Graduate Student Gabriela Schlau-Cohen celebrates her last day in lab with homemade chocolate cake from visiting student Julia Herz and homemade chocolate chip cookies from post-doc Tom Oliver. Also pictured: graduate student Eleonora De Re. The Fleming group has realized that most every occasion calls for sweets.
















Eleonora De Re and Gabriela Schlau-Cohen__________ Gabriela Schalu-Cohen and Julia Herz

December 2, 2010: Graham's 61st Birthday

Graham turned 61, and we celebrated in style after a group meeting. Check it out!

Tiff Dressen pours the wine while Ian Ryu and Doran Bennett look on.

Fleming Group guys: Aki Ishazaki, Erik Anderson, Ian Ryu, and Jahan Dawlaty.

Fleming group gals: visiting student Ellie, and grad students Jacqui Burchfield, Gabriela Schlau-Cohen, Julia Zaks, Emily Jane Glasman, and Eleonora De Re.