Tom Oliver Now a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Bristol

Hui Dong

Emily Jane Sylak-Glassman
Now a reasearch staff member at the Science and Technology Policy Institute.

Eleonora De Re

Arijit Kumar De

Ian Seungwan Ryu

Erik Anderson

Doran Bennett
Now a senior chemist at Dow

Kapil Amarnath
Now a postdoc at Harvard University

Julia Zaks
Now a postdoc at Agilent

Lucy Archer
Now a graduate student at MIT

Ashley Hoover
Now a graduate student in the Yildiz lab.

Vanessa Huxter
Now an assistant professor at University of Arizona

Nancy Turley
Administrative Analyst 2007-2012
Now enjoying retirement!

Sara Wichner
Now a graduate student in the Yildiz lab.

Jahan Dawlaty
Post-Doc 2008-2012
Now an assistant professor at the University of Southern California.

Chi-Han (Hans) Chang
Visiting undergraduate student in 2012. Now a PhD student in the Chemical Physics program at Harvard University in the fall. His website can be found here.

Akihito Ishizaki
Post doc 2008 - 2012.
Now an associate professor at Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan.

Jacquelyn Burchfield
Graduate Student 2006-2012.

Julia Herz
Visiting student in 2011. Now a PhD student in the Motzkus group at University of Heidelberg.

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen
Graduate student 2006-2011.  Now a postdoc in the Moerner group at Stanford.

Tessa Calhoun
Graduate student 2005-2010.  Now a Lewis-Sigler fellow at Princeton.

Naomi Ginsberg
Post doc 2007-2010.  Now an assistant professor at UC Berkeley! (Her office is one floor down.)

Matt Graham
Graduate student 2005-2010.  Now a postdoc in the McEuen group at Cornell.

Samuel Park
Undergraduate student 2009-2010.  Now a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Yoonsoo Pang
Post doc 2007-2010.  Now at Argonne.

Hohjai Lee
Graduate student 2004-2009.  Now a postdoc in the Cohen group at Harvard.

Yingzhong Ma
Post doc 2000-2009.  Now a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Yuan-Chung Cheng
Post doc 2006-2009.  Now an assistant professor at National Taiwan University.

Tae Ahn
Post doc 2005-2009.  Now an assistant professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science And Technology.

Matt Prantil
Graduate student 2003-2008.  Now a postdoc in the Falcone group (UCB).

Elizabeth Read
Graduate student 2003-2008. Now a postdoc in the Chakraborty group (MIT).

Tom Avenson
Post doc 2005-2007.  Now at Monsanto.

Greg Engel
Post doc 2005-2007.  Now an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago.

Donatas Zigmantas
Post doc. 2003-2006. Now an Assistant Professor at Lund University.

Tomas Mancal
Post doc. 2003-2006. Now an Assistant Professor at Charles University.

Aaron Van Tassle
Graduate Student 2001-2006. Now at Sandia.

Dula "Dilworthy" Parkinson
Graduate Student 2001-2006. Now a postdoc at LBNL.

Igor Stiopkin
Graduate Student 2001-2005. 

Bardley Prall
Graduate Student 1999-2005. Now living the good life at the nearest beach.

Harsha Grunes (née Harsha Vaswani)
Graduate Student 2000-2005. Now working at Intel.

Andrei Pisliakov
Post Doc. 2003-2005.

Tobias Brixner
Post Doc 2003-2004. Now a Junior Professor at the University of                             Wuerzburg.

Nancy Holt
Graduate Student 1999-2004. Now an Associate Director at CCS.

Jens Stenger
Post Doc 2002-2004. Now at the Straus Center for Conservation at Harvard.

Abbas H. Rizvi
Undergraduate -2003. Now a graduate student at Harvard.

Patricia Linden
Graduate Student 1998-2003. Now an analytical chemist at the USDA.

Joerg Zimmermann
Post Doc. 2001 -2003. Now a postdoc at Scripps.

Gregor Jung
Post Doc. 2001 -2003. 

Mino Yang 
Post Doc.  -2003. Now a Professor at Chungbuk National University.

Xanthipe Jordanides
Grad. Student. 1996 - 2002. 

Hugues Mesnil  
Post Doc. 2001-2002.    

Cherri Hsu 
Post. Doc.   -2002. Now a Professor at Academica Sinica, Taiwan.

Ana Damjanovic 
Post Doc.   2001-2002. Now an Associate Research Scientist at John Hopkins.

Laura Kaufman 
Graduate Student 1997-2002. Currently a Professor at Columbia.

Kaoru Ohta 
Post Doc. 1997-2002. Currently a JST PRESTO researcher at the Molecular Photoscience Research Center at Kobe University.

Ritesh Agarwal  
Graduate Student 1996-2001. Now a Professor at Penn.

Delmar Larsen
Graduate Student, 1995-2001. Now a Professor at UC Davis.

Qinghua Xu
Graduate Student, 1997 - 2001. Currently an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore.

Gregory D. Scholes
Postdoc, 1997 - 2000 and currently an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto

John Kennis
Postdoc, 1999 - 2000. Currently an Associate Professor in the Department of           Biophysics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

David Blank
Postdoc, 1997 - 2000. Currently an Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota.

Brent Krueger 
Graduate Student 1993-1999. Currently an Assistant Professor at Hope College.

Andrei Tokmakoff
Postdoc, 1996 - 1998. Now an assistant professor of MIT. Visit hishomepage

Marloes Groot
Postdoc, 1997. Now a professor at Free University of Amsterdam

Sean Passino
Graduate student, 1992 - 1997. Now an Intellectual Property Attorney for Ashe, PC.

Jae young Yu
Graduate student, 1992 - 1997. Now a Senior Scientist at Intel.

Matthew Lang
Graduate student, 1992-1997, Now a professor at MIT

Stephen Bradforth
Postdoc, 1993 - 1996. Now a Professor at University of Southern California

Ralph Jimenez
Graduate student, 1991 - 1996. Now a Fellow of JILA/Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Yutaka Nagasawa
Postdoc, 1993 - 1996. Now working an Associate Professor Osaka University in Japan.

Marilena Ricci
Visiting student, 1995 Now at Taiha Joo
Postdoc, 1992 - 1995. Now a Professor at Pohang University of Science & Technology

Yiwei Jia
Graduate student, 1990 - 1995. Now working a product manager at Olympus America, Inc.

Mei Du
Graduate student,1989 - 1993. Now a scientist at Bell Labs, NJ

Minhaeng Cho
Graduate student, 1990 - 1993. Now a Professor at Korea University

Ehud Pines
Postdoc, 1989 - 1993. Now working at Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.

X Sunney Xie
Postdoc, 1990 - 1992. Now a Professor in Harvard University.

David Jonas
Postdoc, 1990 - 1992. Now a Professor at University of Colorado.

Sandra Rosenthal
Graduate Student, 1988-1992. Now a Professor at Vanderbilt University

David Todd
Graduate student, 1987 - 1992. Now working as a Senior Software Engineer at O.N. Diagnostics in Berkeley, California.

Melanie Werst
Postdoc, 1989 - 1992. Now working at Aurora University.

Norbert Scherer
Postdoc, 1987 - 1992. Now a Professor at University of Chicago

Chi-Kin Chan
Graduate student, 1987 - 1992. Now working at CuraGen, Branford, CT

Yi Hu
Graduate student, 1987 - 1992. Now working at Monsanto,St. Louis.

John Hansen
Graduate student, 1986 - 1992. Now a Professor at West Georgia College.

Anthony Ruggiero
Postdoc, 1986 - 1990. Now a scientist at Lawrence Livermore Lab.

John Jean
Postdoc, 1987 - 1990. Now a professor at Washington University, St. Louis.

Jean MacInnis
Postdoc, 1987 - 1989. Now working at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Daniel Eads
Graduate student, 1982 - 1989. Now an IT Manager at HBS in England.

Edward W. Castner
Graduate student, 1983-1988. Now at Rutgers. Visit his homepage.

Seong Kyu Kim
Graduate student,1984 - 1988. Now an Associate Professor of Sungkyunkwan University. Visit his homepage.

Richard Engh
Graduate student, 1982 - 1987. Now a professor of structural chemistry at the University of Tromso, Norway.

Steven Webb
Postdoc, 1985 - 1987. Now a scientist at Dow Chemicals.

Lin Chen
Graduate student, 1983 - 1987. Now a Professor at Northwestern University and a Senior Scientist at Argonne National Lab.

Mark Maroncelli
Postdoc, 1984 - 1987. Now a Professor at Penn. State University.

Scott Courtney
Graduate student, 1982 - 1987. Now a Professor at New York University.

Michael Balk
Postdoc, 1983 - 1986. Now a scientist at AT&T Bell Labs.

Silvio Canonica
Postdoc, 1985 - 1986. Now working at EAWAG,Switzerland

Thomas Owens
Postdoc, 1985 - 1986. Now a Professor at Cornell University.

Jacob Petrich
Graduate student, 1980 - 1985. Now a Professor at Iowa State University.

Robert Gulotty
Graduate student, 1979 - 1984. Now a scientist at Dow Chemicals.

William Lotshaw
Graduate student, 1979 - 1983. Now a scientist at General Electrics.

David Waldeck
Graduate Student, 1978 - 1983.  Visit  his group's homepage at University of Pittsburgh.

Stephan Velsko
Graduate student, 1977 - 1981. Now a Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Dan McDonald
Postdoc, 1974 - 1980. Now a Consultant at Argonne National Labs.


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