2D Electronic-Vibrational Spectroscopy

Multidimensional non-linear spectroscopies, in the infrared and electronic (see 2D-ES) domains have become mature experimental techniques to study electronic relaxation and energy transfer dynamics of molecules, nanomaterials and biological molecules, [1-5] vibrational couplings and ground state structures of chemical and biological systems.[6-8] To date, the advantages of these two experimental techniques have never been combined, as to directly correlate the electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom simultaneously. We have developed two-dimensional electronic-vibrational spectroscopy (2DEV); a new experimental tool to probe photo-biochemical dynamics [9]. We take advantage of techniques routinely used in NMR, such as phase cycling, and perform 2DEV experiments in a partially collinear geometry, as recently used in 2D infrared and electronic spectroscopies [10, 11]. The 2DEV technique will be used to explore the electronic-vibrational dynamics of dye molecules in solution, the complex non-radiative pathways of carotenoids and electron-phonon coupling in nanomaterials (see electronic-vibrational coupling).

2DEV SetupSchematic experimental 2DEV setup. Inset spectra displays 2DEV spectrum for DCM in DMSO-d6 solution (see [9]).


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