evolve MV

MV stands for Methyl Viologen, which is a strong oxidizing agent added to chloroplasts in order to act as an electron acceptor. The advantage of this over-simplified scenario is that is is mathematically straighforward to describe with a single rate costant removing electrons from reduced ferredoxin. We also have an expression for the concentration of reduced thioredoxin


function dx=evolveMV(MVvars, inputs, params)

Load Variables

Fdxr            =  MVvars(1,:);
Fdxox           =  MVvars(2,:);
Thrdx           =  MVvars(3,:);

Calculate Rates

rates(1,:)=params.kETFdxMV*Fdxr; %electrons from ferredoxin to Methyl Viologen
rates(2,:)=params.kETFdxThrdx*Fdxr; %electrons from ferredoxin to thioredoxin
rates(3,:)=params.kETThrdxOx*Thrdx; %oxidation of reduced thioredoxin

rates=rates.*(rates>0);%rates should be nonnegative

Calculate Differential Equations

dFdxr           = -rates(1,:);
dFdxox           = rates(1,:);
dThrdx           = rates(2,:)-rates(3,:);

dx=[dFdxr; dFdxox; dThrdx] ;