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Slow photoelectron velocity-map imaging spectroscopy

Fast beam translational spectroscopy

Femtosecond Time-resolved photoelectron imaging

Molecular beam reactive scattering and photodissociation

Spectroscopy and dynamics in helium droplets

Attosecond spectroscopy

Spectroscopy and dynamics in liquid microjets

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Fast Beam Translational Spectroscopy


On this project we investigate the photodissociation spectroscopy and dynamics of neutral and anion species using a fast beam photofragment translational spectrometer coupled to a coincidence imaging detector.

Molecules studied:

Combustion intermediates, atmospherically important free radicals, semiconductor clusters, reaction intermediates.

Information obtained:

Bond dissociation energies, enthalpies of reaction, photofragment yield spectra, vibrational frequencies, reaction mechanisms.

Project members (Now Recruiting!!):

Erin Sullivan

Bethan Nichols

Recent publications:

♦ "Photodissociation Dynamics of the i-Methylvinoxy Radical at 308, 248, and 225 nm Using Fast Beam Photofragment Translational Spectroscopy" B. Nichols, E. N. Sullivan, M. Ryazanov, D. M. Neumark, J. Phys. Chem. A 121, 579 (2017). pdf

♦ "Photodissociation dynamics of the methyl perthiyl radical at 248 and 193 nm using fast-beam photofragment translational spectroscopy" A. W. Harrison, M. Ryazanov, E. N. Sullivan, D. M. Neumark, J. Chem. Phys. 145, 024305 (2016). pdf

♦ "Photodissociation of the propargyl and propynyl (C3D3) radicals at 248 nm and 193 nm" P. E. Crider, L. Castiglioni, K. E. Kautzman, and D. M. Neumark, J. Chem. Phys. 130, 044310 (2009). pdf

♦ "Dissociative photodetachment studies of I2-´┐ŻAr: Coincident Imaging of two- and three-body product channels" , K. E. Kautzman, P. E. Crider, D. E. Szpunar, and D. M. Neumark, J. Phys. Chem. A 111, 12795 (2007). pdf