The Neumark Group

Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley
and Chemical Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Slow photoelectron velocity-map imaging spectroscopy

Fast beam translational spectroscopy

Femtosecond Time-resolved photoelectron imaging

Molecular beam photodissociation dynamics

Spectroscopy and dynamics in helium droplets

Attosecond spectroscopy

Spectroscopy and dynamics in liquid microjets

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Contact Information

Mailing address:

Neumark Group
Department of Chemistry
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720


(510) 642-3635

Prof. Neumark's office:

B64 Hildebrand Hall
(510) 642-3502

Administrative assistant:

Michelle Haskins
(510) 643-3850

LPES lab:

D20 Latimer
(510) 643-9301

SEVI lab:

D22 Latimer
(510) 643-9301

FRBM lab:

D21 Latimer
(510) 643-9301

TRPEI lab:

D6 Latimer
(510) 642-7761

xBeam lab:

D10 Latimer
(510) 486-5741

Atto lab:

LBNL Building 2-307A
(510) 495-2688

Helium lab:

LBNL Building 2-308
(510) 486-7861

Additional information:

If you would like more information concerning our current research interests, send e-mail to or regular mail to "Daniel Neumark" at the above address.

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