Tollen's Reaction


Tollen's Reagent: decomposes on standing, precipitate is explosive, do not store, use fresh Reducing sugar or aldehyde test reactant - few drops of aqueous solution

Glassware: Details/Proportions/Technique: Ref: Adams, Johnson, Wilcox, "Laborator Experiments in Organic Chemistry," 5th ed., The Macmillan Company

Modified for UCB CChem LCM

For 125 Florence flask scale:
  1. 0.6ml 1M AgNO3
  2. dilute to 2ml
  3. add 1 drop 3M NaOH
  4. add dropwise 6M NH4OH until solution is just clear
  5. proceed as above
Examples reducing sugars: glucose, galactose
Examples non-reducing sugars: sucrose, fructose

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