Carrot serves as semi-permeable membrane to illustrate osmosis

Materials Required:


  1. drill hole into carrot, a 13/16" Forster® bit and drill press works much better than other methods
  2. arrange cylinder, glass tube and stopper as shown in simplified illustration
  3. fill cylinder with distilled water to within 2-inches of top
  4. fill carrot with Karo® syrup
  5. carefully fix stopper and glass tube into carrot,
  6. lower carrot into water in cylinder
  7. mark the initial miniscus (see photo), and observe rise of liquid in glass tube
*Try adding acrylic paint tint to Karo® Syrup for better viewing of tubing

Simplified illustration; the mold that forms if the apparatus is not cleaned promptly
simple illustration carrot with mold accumulation

Christina points at top of tube Christina points at top of tube clamp modified to indicate location of miniscus closeup of carrot and cylinder