Materials Required:
purple or red cabbage 10-12 museum jars
vinegar glass stirring rod for each museum jar
table salt knife
ammonia all purpose cleaner cutting board
aspirin large funnel
drain cleaner or lye (2) 1000mL beakers
baking soda thick paper towels
vitamin C blender
carbonated or seltzer water light box
muriatic acid 2X4 board covered with white paper
washing soda water

1. Arrange museum jars and samples as shown (reverse - acid on left) by simplified illustration.
2. Put water into museum jars,  2/5 capacity for liquid samples and 3/5 for solid samples.
3. Blend cabbage with water and filter juice through paper towel into 1 liter beaker.
4. For each sample, dissolve with stirring in museum jar, add cabbage juice with stirring -- explain -- continue with next sample.
5. Be amazed as the beautiful colors dazzle and delight your eyes.
     (oooooohhhhhhhhhhh  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!)

Simplified (acid should be on left) Illustration:

Photo (acid should be on left):