Photo Album 8
Spring and Summer 2000

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It's my party
Andrea Hickel, a former postdoc in the lab, was in town visiting and the Radke Lab took that as a reason to have a party in April.

Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream?  I scream for it.
Gavin, Anuj, Divesh, and Mary guard the ice cream and Guinness.

How did I fall in with the crazy Radke group?
Camille shows off her pearly whites.

Why aren't there frog legs served at this BBQ?
Theo wins the battle with this chair, after losing the previous battle against the evil blue wooden chair.

Now this will make me look manlyAck.  Who can I share this thing with?What a great group of students I have.
Luis, Anuj and Clay puff away on their after dinner, after brandy cigars.

Christian the Stud
At the end of June, the Radke lab had a party because Christian (aka Viking) was leaving and all the women were so fond of him, they had to take a picture with him before he went back to Sweden.

Luis plays with his Camera
Luis hosted this party at his summer pad, at the house where he was dog sitting.

Windows is the best operating system ever!
Divesh found something hysterically funny either that or he was drunk or maybe both.

Christian's finished MeisterBraus are starting to collect on the fence.
Lisa, Anuj, Divesh, Theo, a friend, and Gavin relax at the party.

one bare foot and one foot with a sock and a shoe.  odd.
Christian passed out at the end of his party and did not wake up until late the next day.

How does this thing work again?
The next day the clean up started and Luis, in a rare nature shot, was found vacuuming.

I have to use a mop and clean the floor?
Kiwi discovered there was a trash can in the place and that was where the garbage went.

Luis asks: Does this mean I have to drink crappy beer?
Hez helps Luis with his book on how to become a United States citizen

I'm not moving from this chair until I have to, it's that comfortable.
Kim is smiling because the wine she is drinking is good.

When is the food going to be ready?
Kiwi in shades drinks with Divesh trying to hid behind the chair.

The new lab looks nice.
Clay with former undergraduate research student, Carla St. Laurent. Carla is now chief resident anesthesiologist. Tubes in the background are connected to Clay to keep him functioning.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications

he background are connected to Clay to keep him functioning.