Photo Album 7
Ski and Snowboard Trip 2000

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Who is the ski instructor checking out today?
Christian, Mary, Gavin, (the back of a random instructor at Diamond Peak), and Riham take the beginner skiing lessons.  Christian, being from Sweden naturally picks it up immediately, while the others take a little bit longer. 

I'd rather be skiing
Javit strikes a manly pose upon his snowboard.

Wait!  Be careful!  Don't fall . . .
Niki, Christian, and Mary wait in line for the lift up, while the photographer ungracefully takes a sideways dive on completely flat terrain.

I'm too sexy for my skis, too sexy . . .
David improves his skiing skills enough to go up on a black diamond (well, one time anyway).

Purple Snow?  Where?
While looking at the world through purple-colored glasses, Niki realizes she can't remember how to stop.

Jeans?  I always wear jeans skiing
Divesh takes lessons in the "Anuj school of skiing" method and manages to do better than his mentor.

Ah, that was good pasta for dinner
Tanya, Riham, Ian (aka Kim's boyfriend), Niki, Kim, David and Gavin have their soothing dinner conversation interupted by a photograph.

What do you mean we have to have pasta again?
Seated are: Clay, Janet, Luis, Christian, Divesh, Hez, and Javit, and standing in the back are: Divesh, Anuj, and Theo.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications

he back are: Divesh, Anuj, and Theo.