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School is over for 1999 and Winter Holiday Party 1999

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I'll drink to that!
Christie got her thesis signed by Prof. Radke. So the Radke champagne glasses were brought out for the celebration!

Javit and Rebeccah graduate.

That sculpture looks like a worm, a snake a tower, the Washingtom Monument, no it's a . . .
At the party, the game for your whole game, Cranium was played, and the winner?  It was the only team that had a person on it who had played the game before.

Divesh hopes he will remember how to get home tonight, just in case.
David, Anuj, and Divesh toast the end of the semester.

Mary, Mark, and Gavin relax on the couch and plot how to take over the world.

It's a party and I'll drink cheap beer if I want to
The men try to have a serious discussion, but the conversation keeps drifting back to the merits of Meisterbrau over all other beers.

Christian the stud with the Radke Women, Tanya, Mary, Janet, and Hez.

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ry, Janet, and Hez.