Photo Album 25-
Ski Trip 2008

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Happy Clay putting on the burgers.

Serious Clay grilling the burgers

Loddie doddie, she like to party...

Prof. Prausnitz, our academic grandfather gets first dibs on food

...and enjoys it!

Well isn't that cute.

Judging by Scott's face, Bhushan is probably describing his natural athletic prowess.

Senior members talking.

It looks like Colin's had enough to time to sleep.

Maria...probably happy because she's leaving for Colombia soon after this.

One of the only pictures of Sam since he was the one taking all these pictures.

Somehow Bhushan thought it would be a good idea to take a picture 3 cm from poor Prof. Prausnitz's face. Hence the look...

Scott deep in thought.

Delicous pie, courtesy of our lab bakeress, Vicky.

No comment needed.

One of the exotic/strange bottles that the boss found in his garage? This one actually tasted great.

This one tasted awful. We're not sure what it was, but there were chunks of something at the bottom. Maybe beeswax?

Good times.

Vasily's clearly focused.



Maria thinking...we seem to have a very thoughtful group.

Scott's thoughtful too...or maybe just skeptical.

Peek-a-boo? Or maybe she just drank the pepper/beeswax drink.

Dan is uncontrollably happy.

We should probably start telling people before taking pictures, then maybe they'll look.

Darlene, enjoying the crowd.

Sam behind a Sam.

The end.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications