Photo Album 24-
Ski Trip 2008

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Vicky cruisin'

Colin and Scott cruisin' down the Embarcadero

Invading pedestrian walkways...that's how we roll

Getting locked and loaded

Scott might have got too loaded...

The bike gang heading for the bridge

Happy Vicky

Go Vicky, go!

Looks like something interesting was happening...probably not though

Watching tons of dolphins all swimming under the bridge.

One of the only pictures of Sam since he was the one taking all these pictures.

It's worth noting that any of the pictures of us on bikes were taken by Sam from his bike, somehow.

Watch out, Vasily's got you, Sam!


Way to watch the camera, Scott. No one else was.

Where to go?

Unfortunately, no dolphins here. Darn.

Man, those are badass sunglasses.

Marin is actually kinda nice.

Vasily on the beach.

Horse statue.

Passed out waiting for the ferry. Looks kind of like that bird is attacking Vicky's head

GG Bridge from ferry.

The end.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications