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Ski Trip 2008

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Good sign during the voyage to Tahoe - a rainbow!

Ok, maybe not because we drove into a california blizzard.

But it was nice when we got to Tahoe (view from our house/cabin).

Aww...two cute skiers.

Radke lab senior members Loddie and Elisa happily trespassing!

Maybe if we leave a snow angel, people will think angels trespassed. They'll never know it was the Radlab.

The head honcho preparing dinner.

Elisa and Dan excited about dinner.

The other side of the table.

Radlab looking civilized in this Kodak moment...

...and then it returns to normal when Bhushan gets a little too hotheaded, so Prof. Radke has to lay down the law.

With both arms!

Maybe this is why Vicky is so mean to Prof. Radke...

And that sparks a lab-wide arm-wrestling competition. Here are the brackets.

Vasily the referee.

Epic battle between the two first years, Sam and Colin.

Elisa vs. Loddie -aka- Spaniard vs. Gypsy.

Thomas unleashing on Scott.

Scott regaining some pride by destroying Vicky.

way too happy to be arm-wrestling.

Focused. This battle took 10 minutes and covered the left and right arms. Colin goes through, but just barely. Mahendra is ripped.

Bhushan tries his luck again. Dan says no. Sorry!

Thomas vs. Vasily - intense! This one should have been the final, but the way the brackets worked it wasn't.

Instead Vasily just destroys Colin to be crowned champion. are the winning biceps.

Recuperating the muscles in the steam room. What a pimped out house - it has a steam room...

...and hot tub, just in case you happen to be faceplanting in the snow bank outside!

I don't think Colin read the rules about diving.

Sam's beard apparently is like velcro for snow.

Group reaches concensus that hot tub is way better than snow bank.

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