Photo Album 17-
Random stuff we do in the lab to keep from doing work ...

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Actually ... he is running outside ...
Proof that A.J. runs around the lab naked.

Jst singing in the rain ...
Thoe most occupancy Mark's desk has seen in 6.5 years.

It is a picture of A.J.
Sexual harassment suit waiting to happen ...


Proof that people from our lab actually use the ellipsometer.


The year the Eagles actually made it to the Superbowl and his hair is the color of the opposing team
Bryan. No ... he did not lose a bet.


Either that or his teeth are exploding

A.J. playing chubby bunny


Or not
He's gonna hurl ...


8 Marshmellows and a bunny hop impersonation. I am never going to gradaute ...

A.J. moonlighting as a homeless person
We recycle. Using A.J.'s feet. It is good practice for when he becomes homeless.

None of us are ever going to graduate.
Fun with marshmellows: They expand in a vauum oven.

That is all folks ...
After next to before. We affectionately call the one on the left Clay.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications