Photo Album 16-
Rad Lab Ski Trip 2005

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Don't tell Kendra!
Love birds.

PLEASE!  Do not tell Kendra!
Not sure exactly what is going on in this picutre.

John skiing.


Damn, he is sexy!
Apparently, Nick can't ski.


Nick and Christian
Nick and Christian without skis.



Christian skiing.


Hail, hail, the gang's all here.
The gang.


Gang 2.

Maybe we are sexist ...
Women in the kitchen ... I swear we are not a sexist group ...

It snowed A LOT in Tahoe this year.

CLay must be telling a story ...
Mahendra and Clay.

His best impersonation of a professor at work.
Clay doing what he does best ... .

And the stories to come ...
Or is this what he does best?

Clay should be Curly ...
Three stooges: Christian, Nick, Clay.

Clay 'joke'
Clay tells a joke and laugshs more than everyone else.

I mean ... Marshmellow football ...
The complicated sport of marshmellow soccer.

Open wide!
Live action footage.

I'm bloated ...
Erik enjoying marshmellow soocer.

A small, conical, fleshy mass of tissue suspended from the center of the soft palate
A nice picture ... ruined by Nick ... is that his uvula?

Freedom Toast
Nick shows us his sack.

Nothing funny to say.
Kendra snow hiking.

Soon after, Richelle devoured Loddie in one bite
Demons eyes Richelle with Loddie.

Sorry ladies ... he is taken.
Sexy Mahendra. He enjoys long walks on the beach ...

Yah ... were dorks ...
A.J.'s haiy feet and Thomas' socks. Monkey Jenga!

The puzzle makes me sneezy ...
A finished puzzle and everyone looking a like a bunny rabbit.

Kendra with our favorite stop sign

Like advisor, like student ...
Captivating movie ...


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