Photo Album 11

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Theo with dauther Audrey
Theo with his daughter Audrey.

Nap Time!
Audrey visits the lab and gets tired and so naps in a file cabinet drawer.

Silly Berkeley Nobel Laureates in chemistry shirts
Upon discovering UC Berkeley Chemistry Nobel Laureate shirts in the conference room, the lab gets a little silly. Front row: Heather, Divesh, Gavin, Mark. Back row: Theo (the non-conformist), Ben, Clay, Mary, Lily, Erik.

And the back sides
And the back of the shirts. Theo is still not wearing one.

My feet feel so nice buried in the sand
Ben and Erik relax on the beach during the kayaking trip to Bodega Bay in August.

I could sit here forever
Clay and Darlene enjoy the view of the ocean.

Ben realizes that eating sand is not such a good idea.

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications