Photo Album 10
Holiday Party 2000

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Clay hordes his special bottle of wine
just out of range of the camera's shot.
Tanya, Clay, and Gavin discuss the merits of wearing glasses.

Why can't I keep my eyes open?
Hez, Riham, and Lily relax at the party.

Jim thinks, why didn't I bring some Bud?
Jim and Mary enjoy some drinks.  Evil Jim can be recognized by the red glare in his eyes.

I must study for the kinetics exam
Ben decides that conversing with a wall is more exciting than with the people at the party.

Divesh reaches in for some food.
Erik is awed by the spectacle of his first Radke Lab holiday party.

We need a bigger table!
The group starts on the delicious turkey and all the other great food.

There is not enough room on the table for all the food.
The group keeps putting more food on their plates.

I don't envy the person that has to clean up the mess.
And the group is still eating.

Wait a second!  Didn't Javit graduate?  He is just always to be found where there is food.
Javit and Divesh eat by themselves. 

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications

vesh eat by themselves.