Clay's Travels

Pictures of Clay Radke from some of the work related trips he has taken around the world. See Our Facebook Photo Album.

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China, May 1999

Professor Clay Radke in front of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, May 1999.

Clay with students from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Clay gives a talk, either using sign language or in Chinese, though he doesn't know either, not that not knowing something will stop him at the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Clay finally gets to sit down, on a rock.

Clay enjoying the food.

Thailand, August 1999

Clay in Thailand riding an elephant with Dr. Darlene Dartt of the Schepens Eye
Research Institute, August 1999.  It's uncertain who was more wary, Clay or the elephant.

An elephant's eye view of Thailand.

England, July 2000

Clay lecturing while punting on the Cam at Cambridge. Where's the punt?

Clearly exhausted by the lecture, Clay rests from punting on the Cam.

Clay being fitted for high table cambridge gown Which one is Clay?

Clay and former Radlab visiting scholar Anton Middleburg let someone else do the work.,

Photo AlbumResearchGroup MembersSeminarPublications

ton Middleburg let someone else do the work.,