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January 26, 2008

Vasily Andreev is crowned new Radke Lab arm wrestling champion! He inherits the crown title from former champion, Mahendra Chhabra.

Fall 2007

The Radke Lab welcomes two new graduate students, Sam Maurer and Colin Cerretani, to its ranks.

Spring 2007

For more information about our lab, see our research poster: Spring 2007.

September 2, 2004

There is a new picture album and a new mystery photo. Check them out!!!

September 26, 2003

The webpage has been almost completely updated, with the exception of pictures and a few of the member bios. Check it out.

After a much long departure from updating the news, A.J. has decided to tell the world of the Radke Lab Summer Trip Extravaganza and provide pictures.

On Tuesday July 15th, the group (Ben, Divesh, Eric, Clay, Tanya, Kendra, Richelle, A.J., Darlene, and Jonathan) all headed up to Clear Lake for a couple days of waterskiing, camping, and not doing lab work. The first evening was very low key, consisting of a couple of swims in the lake and chatting over the dinner fire. The second day was where all the action was. The group got up bright and early to rent a boat and go water skiing on the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect and the lake was like a plate of glass. Eric, Ben, A.J., Divesh, Jonathan, and Clay all tried their hands at skiing and tubing (with varied success). Richelle and Kendra decided to for go the skiing, but we managed to convince them to go out on the tubes. After boating most of the morning, we rode waverunners in the evening. The night was capped off with a wonderful dinner provided by Clay and Darlene and a rallying conversation about the Berkeley Chemical Engineering Department. The next morning we go up and out early and headed back to the labs.

February 3, 2003

A.J. wrote the following about the ski trip. Pictures found here.

The ski trip started out on Friday January 31st this year with 5 different cars of people leaving. Clay, Darlene, Mark, and Tanya all left very early in the morning to get in a day of skiing at North Star. A.J., Mahendra, and Erik left just after lunch and arrived at check in time. Kendra, Francesco, and John soon followed, as did Divesh and Kai. A little later on, David and Trevor made the journey up.
The first night was spent listening to the skiers talk about North Star. Dinner consisted of cheese stuffed poblano peppers with a side of rice and chicken bullion, courtesy of David. Afterwards, an exciting game of Yahtzee was played in front of the television (I forget who won ...). The hot tub was visited by David, Tanya, Erik, A.J., and Trevor. In addition, Clay's son Jonathan joined us.
The next day, everyone got up early for a filling breakfast of pancakes, oatmeal, hot chocolate, and more. David, Trevor, and Erik went to Squaw Valley (or Alpine ... I forget which) to do some snow boarding. Mark, Clay, Tanya, and Kai went to North Star to ski. Francesco and Divesh went someplace else to do cross-country skiing. Mahendra, A.J., And John went to North Star to take ski lessons and ski for the first time in their lives.
At North Star, the weather was interesting. It started out looking like it was going to rain, but eventually at lunch time it poured down snow. After lunch, the sun came out and afforded some beautiful skiing. Around the close of the day, snow started coming down heavily. The drive home was by no means fun, as Clay had to put chains on his car and A.J. had to drive through a snow storm for the first time in his life.
That evening, dinner consisted of a red Thai chicken curry. Again, we were joined by Clay's son. It was very enjoyable and most people were sweating quite profusely at the end of the meal due to the spice. The night consisted of people going into the hot tub, playing with a puzzle, and watching television (to which Clay complained about the choice of station).
The next day, everyone set out for home except Mahendra, Kai, and A.J. They originally set out to go skiing, but by the time they got to North Star, the parking lot was full. Dejectedly, they drove home.
So ended the 2003 Radke Lab Ski trip.

November 2002

The Radke Lab welcomes new members A.J., Kendra, and Mahendra to the group.

September 30, 2002

Here is an update of what has been happening lately. Our leader, Clay Radke won the ACS Colloid Chemistry award, which will be presented in March. Ben, Erik, and Francesco passed their qualifying exams. Former Postdoc Andrea Hickel became the proud mother of Fiona Marie on August 30th and she sent this picture.

June 15, 2002

The lab had a barbecue at Clay's house in honor of the many spring departures. Leaving the lab are Heather, Kim, Mary, and Luis. The party was fun and the cigars made their presence known. A few pictures were taken.

January 2002

The annual ski trip was January 25th-27th this year. Erik wrote: Lily succeeded in arranging yet another successful Rake Lab ski trip with the help of a few low on the totem. We arrived in Tahoe missing the predicted blizzard and were happy not to have to chain-up for the pass. The house was great except for the peculiar acoustics that amplified Clay's snoring. We skied at Alpine Meadows in what was predicted to be the worst blizzard of the year in Tahoe. The snow was incredible (2 feet of fresh) if you didn't mind the 50 mph winds at the summit that made your skin feel like paint getting sucked off a house by sandblasting. Although Ben and Divesh did not swim in the lake this year, we were mildly entertained hearing that Divesh took the chains off his car after arriving at the ski area parking lot in fear that they might be stolen (Ben was in the car). Chef David's menu received much praise and there were even leftovers when former Rake Lab member Javit Drake arrived with two friends late Saturday night. We all returned safely to Berkeley on Sunday (some after skiing) and, although we were sore, no major disasters occurred.

August 2001

There was a kayaking trip to Bodega Bay in the middle of the month. Clay said about it, "Actually, of course, the water was calm both in the bay and just outside of the breakwater in the ocean. The only problem was paddling back against the wind. We were all tired after only about 4 or 5 hours on the water (at least I was). I also have a terrible sunburn on my legs due to my stupidity of not wearing sunblock. We did have a minor mishap that my old (30 years) SVEA backpacking stove turned into a torch and nearly burned the picnic table down. Thankfully there was lots of sand around to smother even a torch. I am in mourning. We may need to bury my dear old companion. However, I may yet be able to fix it." There are also a few pictures from the trip.

July 2001

This is an update over the past six months since there was some slacking on updating the web page. In June, we celebrated when Theo got a job with CNRS in Cranbury, NJ and were dismayed when Clay's laptop (a Mac) was stolen from his office. Clay's replacement was a PC and the lab rejoiced. Gavin took a job with Environ in Emeryville at the end of July, but is still around writing his thesis. Tanya and Clay went to the ACS Colloids conference in Pittsburgh in June. Emil Manev left in April after being with us for seven months. March was a dull month around the lab, except for the nobel laureate shirts we found in the conference room and taking pictures of us wearing them.

January 19-21, 2001

The weekend of January 19-21 was the annual Radke Lab Ski Trip. We stayed in a wonderful home in Incline Village and had a great day of skiing at Northstar. Some highlights of the trip include Divesh and Ben's 6:00 am dip in Lake Tahoe, the delicious red curry chicken dinner David prepared, and hanging out in the 8 person hot tub. Thanks to Erik for organizing such a great trip!

December 18, 2000

Olivier Theodoly becomes the proud father of daughter Audrey, a few pictures of her visiting the lab are here.

December 13, 2000

The year 2000 holiday party was great fun.  We welcomed back Tanya after visa problems delayed her and said goodbye to Anuj who goes off to be a professor at the University of Florida.  Clay left the party early instead of getting drunk.  We ate ourselves silly.  Several people played Taboo with Jim accounting for 90% of the enthusiasm of the players.  See the pictures here.

October 30, 2000

The Radlab welcomes new students Erik Freer, Lily Cheng (co-advised with Dr. Susan Muller), Ben Reynolds (co-advised with Dr. Balsara), and Francesco Fornasiero (co-advised with Dr. Prausnitz).

October 3, 2000

The web page is finally updated a bit. Divesh, Janet, and David all recently passed their qualifying exams.

July 18, 2000

The Radke lab saves a life! Well, almost.  An undergraduate student saw Hez in the hallway and indicated that he was having trouble breathing and had something stuck in his throat. He said he was taking a pill and it got caught.  Hez first called Susan Slavick and then called 911.  We tried to keep him calm and it seemed like he was breathing fine and he was talking.  A police officer then arrived on the scene and she decided we should call for an ambulance because he seemed panicky and she wasn't really sure what to do.  At first the ambulance thought we had said Tang Center, not Tan Hall, but they eventually figured it out and came here.  We heard the sirens and saw an ambulance and a fire truck arrive. The paramedics talked to him and decided that the pill was lodged in his esophagus, since he could breathe.  The remedy?   Swallowing water, lots of it, and maybe some bread and a donut (or doughnut).   He was eventually fine. There are a few lessons to be learned. The first is: don't go to Hez if you are choking. The second is from the paramedics who advised him not to take large protein pills to bulk up, take the liquid form if one has to do something like that.  The third is to avoid having strange men come through the lab and draw phallic pictures on anyone's papers, even if it was supposed to be a picture of a pill going down a throat or something like that.

July 9, 2000

Gavin runs the Chronicle Marathon San Francisco with a time of 2:58:16, a personal best. His next goal is the Chicago marathon.

July 8, 2000

Niketa Sheth marries Salil Gandhi in Kansas City, MO.

June 29, 2000

The Radke Lab has party because Viking (aka Christian Johansson) is leaving. There was Meisterbrau especially for him plus a keg. The stragglers of the party were still there 24 hours later to help Luis clean up his summer pad.

April 19, 2000

The Radke Lab has a mid-week barbecue for former post-doc Andrea since she is in town visiting. Pictures from this soiree are here.  There was much drinking and cigar smoking at this party.  And an attack tree which would whack people with its branches when they weren't looking.

April 12, 2000

Anuj gets a job offer from the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Words of wisdom from Professor Chauhan are: If you are going to shake the champagne and make a mess, have it be the clear one, not the pink one.

April 8, 2000

Riham Morcos enters two undergraduate competitions on Saturday April 8, 2000.  She wins third place at American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Western Regional Conference and wins second place at CAMP Statewide Undergraduate Research Symposium - undergraduate achievement in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.  She also drives between L.A. and San Diego to almost, but not quite, be in two places at once.

March 21, 2000

Divesh gets his master's thesis signed. Now he has to slog on through (choose the next word: taking or sitting) quals.

January 30, 2000

On this super day, a new fridge appeared in the lab.  Yeah!  And the lab rejoiced.

January 24, 2000

The annual Radke ski trip was a great success. We stayed in a nice place in Incline Village, and on Saturday went skiing at Diamond Peak. Our fearless leader Clay came (and complained) and we had a total turnout of 17, including every member of the lab currently in town. Anuj had a little scrape with a mountainside. Mary, Gavin, and Riham did great as first time skiers. Theo showed us how the French can ski. Christian claimed he didn't know how to ski, but has been cross country skiing many times and made the transition to downhill easily. The hot tub was enjoyed by many. Kudos to Mary for organizing it.

January 1, 2000

The mail server had no Y2K problems, which was a relief to all.

December 9, 1999

The Radlab holiday party was a smashing success! Anuj attempted to get smashed, Mark smashed the only pint glass, Heather smashed the potatoes, Chris (Anuj's roommate) and David's cloodles, sensosketches, humdingers, etc. smashed several of us at Cranium, Clay declined to get smashed and Gavin showed up smashionably late.  Finally there are some pictures.

November 8, 1999

Stacey Winter gets her thesis signed by Clay. The lab rejoiced with cheese and wine.

November 7, 1999

Niki attempts to dye her hair plum, but the color doesn't take.

October 1999

Anuj dyes his hair plum.

October 1, 1999:

Look out! The Radlab gets new first years Gavin Hoch and Mary Stanley.

September 29, 1999:

The lab's productivity soars to new levels as a new feature is introduced to the web page, Guess the Mystery People in the radlab. To be updated weekly.

August 27, 1999:

Kimberly Miller passed her qualifying exams. The Lab people rejoiced at Jupiter.

May 26, 1999:

Radke Beach Day. Tons of fun was had at Lake Berryessa: swimming, grilling, kite flying... er... more like the men trying to get the trapped kite out of the tree.... See the pictures.

May 21, 1999:

Christie gets her thesis signed by Clay Radke. The lab celebrates at the always popular El Cerrito hangout: The Mallard. Now Christie is going to Africa.See the picture.

May 5, 1999:

Stacey gives colloquium and successfully deflects/answers all questions thrown at her. (Even the one by Arup.) Stacey also leaves the lab in search of a better life at Etec.

April 5-8, 1999:

Another visit by our fearless leader. Another spike in RadLab productivity. Five group talks in three days! Results: Rebeccah got cranky, Stacey got sleepy, Luis got a sore back from sitting, and Hez got full from eating Oreos and brie.

April 1, 1999:

Dr. Timothy J. Myers leaves the lab. No joke. The lab is left wondering - Who is strong enough to fill the alpha-male position??

February 26, 1999:

Timothy J. Myers got his PhD signed by Clay Radke. Tim dragged the first years to Raleigh's. Divesh made it home, but doesn't remember how... Timothy J. is now requiring that Rebeccah call him "Dr. Timothy J."

February 25 - March 10, 1999:

Our fearless leader, Dr. Radke, returns from sabbatical for a short visit. RadLab productivity peaks off the charts during his time here.

January 22-24, 1999:

The RadLab Annual Ski and Snowboard Trip. The whole lab went to Tahoe for three days of fun, snow, and hot tub-ing. David, Janet, Niki, and Anuj learned how to ski. Stacey, Mark, Tanya, Hez, Javit, and Andrea rocked the moguls. Rebeccah could only convince Javit to snowboard one day with her. (Curator's comment: Snowboarding rocks!!) No injuries were reported, but we did lose one hubcap and technically the simulationists were working all weekend... See the photos from the ski trip!

December 11, 1998:

Timothy J. Myers hosts the always wild and crazy holiday party. Alpha-male conquests: wrestled Mark, tried to force Anuj and first-years to drink from the boot , and made the special gravy. Niki fell asleep from all of the excitement. Luis holds little memory of this party.... See the photos!

October 14, 1998:

Timothy J. Myers gives colloquium. As he nears the final length, he paused so the whole lab could go to Blakes and celebrate with him and Dr. Wu.

October 5, 1998:

The RadLab brings in the largest catch: five new first-years. Radke popularity soars to new heights.

October 2, 1998:

Keith Karraker got his PhD thesis signed by Clay Radke. The rest of the lab went to Triple Rock.

September 28, 1998:

The RadLab is rocked by a loud, high-pitched noise. Although first believed to be a gas leak, it was later discovered that Luis's microphone for video-conferencing was too near his speakers on his PC.

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