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Radke Lab 2015

Back (L-R): Sergio Scheer, Tatyana Svitova, Rodrigo Tellez , Michael Sommerschuh, Andrew Crothers, Vincent Pang, Cheng-Chun Peng, Tom Dursch
Front (L-R): Colin Cerretani, Agnes de Paula Scheer, David Liu, Prof. Clay Radke, Gregory Trigub

Contact Us

Prof. Clayton J. Radke
101C Gilman Hall
University of California, at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1462
tel: (510) 642-5204
fax: (510) 642-4778

Radke Lab
tel1: (510) 642-0853
tel2: (510) 643-3873

For more information about our lab, see our research poster: Spring 2014.


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