Former Radke Group Members

Ph.D. Students

Dr. David Ezra Liu, "Solute Partitioning and Hindered Diffusion in Hydrogels" Spring 2016.

Dr. Thomas Dursch, "Ice-Crystallization Kinetics during Fuel-Cell Cold-Start" Spring 2014.

Dr. Colin Cerretani, "The Role of the Tear-Film Lipid Layer in Tear Dynamics and in Dry Eye" Spring 2013.

Dr. Sam Maurer, "Surface-Based Assays for Enzyme Adsorption and Activity on Model Cellulose Films" Summer 2012.

Dr. Victoria Tran, "Bacterial Adhesion on Contact-Lens Surfaces " Spring 2011.

Dr. Ladan Foose, "The Kinetics and Mechanism of Proteolysis at the Solid-Liquid Interface Under Detergency-relevant Conditions " Fall 2007.

Dr. Mahendra Chhabra, "Oxygen Transport through Cornea and Soft Contact Lens: Lens Characterization and Metabolic Modeling " Fall 2007.

Kendra Krutilla, "Modification of Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses to Improve their Wettability, Decrease Protein Adsorption, and Decrease Bacterial Adhesion " Fall 2007.

Dr. A.J. Howes, "Thermodynamic Modeling and Molecular Simulation of Surfactant Adsorption at the Fluid-Fluid Interface " Spring 2007.

Dr. Benedict Reynolds, "Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Diblock Copolmer at Polymer/Polymer Interfaces " Fall 2005.

Dr. Francesco Fornasiero, "Thermodynamics and Transport of Water thorugh Soft-Contact-Lens Materials." Spring 2005.

Dr. Mark Payne, "Development of an Oil/Water TIRF-RET Instrument for the Study of Interfacial Protein Adsorption, Packing, and Conformational Change." Fall 2004.

Dr. Erik Freer, "Interfacial Rheology of Macromolecules." Fall 2004.

Dr. David Kim, "Imaging of Protein Adsorption and Self-Assembled Proteins at the Solid/Liquid Interface by Atomic Force Microscopy." Fall 2004.

Dr. Janet Wendorf, "Aqueous Protein Adsorption at Solid Surfaces: Surface Modification and Salt and Sugar Excipients." Spring 2004.

Dr. Divesh Bhatt , "Molecular Simulation of Disjoining Pressure and Surface Tensions of Free Liquid Films." Spring 2004.

Dr. Luis Cascao-Pereira, "Stability and Kinetics of Interfacial Protein Films." Spring 2002.

Dr. Heather Yaros, Evaluation of Derjaguin-Landau-Verwey-Overbeek (DLVO) Theory with Disjoining-Pressure and Film Conductance Measurements of Surfactant Stabilized Free Foam Films." Spring 2002.

Dr. Kimberly Miller, "Tear film considerations with and without soft contact lenses." Spring 2002.

Dr. Javit Drake, "Numerical Simulation of a Simons Gas-Liquid Electrochemical Flow Reactor: Cell Profiles, Multiple Steady States, and Transient Linear Stability", with J.S. Newman, September 2000. 

Dr. Stacey Winter, "Computer Simulation of Free, Thin Liquid Films and Disjoining Pressures," November 1999.  Now at Etec, Hayward, CA.

Dr. Timothy J. Myers, "The Role of Residual Oil in the Mechanistic Simulation of Foam Flow in Porous Media: Experiment and Simulation with the Population-Balance Method," February 1999.   Now at Exponent, Boston, MA.

Dr. Keith Karraker, "Non-ionic Thin Films," October 1998.  Now at Homestead Technologies, Menlo Park, CA.

Dr. Jeff L. Creech, "Study of the Aqueous Tear Film and Implications for Contact-Lens Wear," with I. Fatt (Optometry), June 1998. Now somewhere in the vicinity of Los Angeles.

Dr. Mike Tupy, "Protein Absorption Dynamics at the Oil/Water Interface as Studied by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Spectroscopy," June 1998. Now at Cargill Research, Wayzata, MN.

Dr. David Cohen, "Diffusion-Driven Coarsening of Foam Trapped in Porous Media," with T.W. Patzek (Mining Engineering), June 1996. Now at Clorox, Pleasanton, CA.

Dr. Delaina A. Amos, "Characterization and Modeling of Aqueous Micellar Surfactant Solutions," with S. Lynn, June 1996. Now at Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY.

Dr. C.S. Gittleman, "Mechanistic Studies of Zeolite Synthesis from Silicate Gels Containing Quaternary Ammonium Cations," with A.T. Bell, December 1995. 

Dr. A.R. Kovscek, "Foam Displacement in Porous Media: Experiment and Mechanistic Prediction by the Population Balance Method." December 1994. 

Dr. C.A. MacLeod, "Surfactant Exchange Kinetics at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces" March 1994. 

Dr. E.S. Reiner, "Equilibrium Theory of Concentrated Suspensions." March 1994. 

Dr. J.H. Markels, "Batch and Continuous Ultrafiltration of Micellar Solutions: Experiment, Theory, and Design," with S. Lynn, December 1993. 

Dr. M.C. Laso, "Modeling of Structure and Forces in Thin Micellar Liquid Films," May 1993. 

Dr. V. Bergeron, "Forces and Structure in Surfactant-Laden Thin-Liquid Films," May 1993. 

Dr. R.F. Mortlock, "NMR Investigations of Metallosilicate and Aluminophosphate Solutions," with A.T. Bell, December 1992. 

Dr. H. Wong, "The Motion of a Long Bubble in Polygonal Capillaries at Low Capillary Numbers," with S. Morris (Mech. Eng.), May 1992. 

Dr. A.I. Jiménez-Laguna, "Stability of thin Liquid films: Theory and Application to Foam Flow in Porous Media," December 1991. 

Dr. D.M. Ginter, "Chemical and Physical Processes Occurring during the Synthesis na NaY Zeolite from Sodium Aluminosilicate Gels," with A.T. Bell, May 1991. 

Dr. W.E. TeGrotenhuis, "Brownian Dynamics of Colloidal Suspensions," with M.M. Denn, December 1990. 

Dr. J.V. Gillis, "Tracer-Detection and Structure of Stationary Lamellae During Foam Flow Through Berea Sandstone," May 1990. 

Dr. B. F. Chmelka, "Distribution of Metal and Adsorbed Guest Species in Zeolites," with E.A. Pines and E.E. Petersen, May 1990. 

Dr. A.V. McCormick, "Characterization of Dissolved Precursors in Zeolite Synthesis by NMR Spectroscopy," with A.T. Bell, May 1988. 

Dr. F.M. Jahnke, "Diffusion of Ion-Exchanging Electrolytes in Montmorillonite Gels," December 1987.

Dr. D.K. Sharma, "Kinetics of Oil Bank Formation," May 1987.

Dr. S.J. Underwood, "Hydrodynamic Thickness and Zeta Potential Characterization for Polyelectrolytes Adsorbed onto Glass Capillaries," with D.S. Soane, May 1987. 

Dr. P.A. Gauglitz, "Instability of Liquid Films in Constricted Capillaries: A Pore Level Description of Foam Generation in Porous Media," December 1986. 

Dr. R.R. Cohen, "Equilibrium and Dymamic Properties of the Charged Aqueous/Clay Interface," December 1986. 

Dr. J.J. Lewnard, "Ionic Adsorption and Diffusion in Porous Metal Oxides," with E.E. Petersen, June 1986. 

Dr. E.F. deZabala, "Tertiary Recovery of Acidic Crude Oils from Oilsands: Mechanisms and Modelling," December 1984. 

Dr. T.E. Mumley, "The Dynamics of Capillary Flow: Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Displacement," December 1983. 

Dr. H. Soo, "Flow of Dilute Stable Emulsions in Porous Media," June 1983. 

Dr. A.L. Bunge, "Transport of Electrolytes in Underground Porous Media," June 1982. 

M.S. Students

Mr. Gavin Hoch, "Depletion of the POTF by Evaporative Loss Through a Soft Contact Lens." Fall 2004. Now at Environ.

Ms. Mary Stanley, "A Mechanical Model Eye to Validate Dispersive Mixing." Spring 2002. Now at General Electric, Schenectady, NY

Ms. Rebeccah Anderson, "Dynamic Monte Carlo Simulation of Protien Interaction with an Oil/Water
Interface." January 2000. 

Ms. Christina Galitsky, "Dynamics of Protein Adsorption at Fluid/Fluid interfaces as studied by the Sessile Drop Technique," May 1999. 

Mr. Ed Yeh, "Equilibrium configurations of Drops on Solid Surfaces Under the Influence of Thin-FIlm Forces," Now at VLSI, San Jose, CA.

Ms. Elizabeth Swayne, "Simultaneous Measurements of Conductance, Disjoining Pressure, and Thickness for Single Foam Films," May 1997. Now at Nestle, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mr. Chris Beverung, "Dynamics of Protein and Polypeptide Adsorption at the Oil/Water Interface," August 1996. Now at Merck, West Point, PA. 

M.E. Fagan, "The Stability of Foam and Pseudoemulsion films and Foam Flow through Glass Beadpacks," December 1992.

A.S. Aronson, "Measurement of Disjoining Pressure Isotherms and Thinning Rates for Single Foam Films," December 1992.

P.C. Cochran, "The Effect of Surfactants on the Flow of Bubbles in Circular Tubes," May 1992.

D.A. Amos, "Solubilization of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Micellar Solutions," May 1992.

K. T. Chambers, "Pore-Level Basics for Modeling Foam Flow in Porous Media with Randomly Connected Pore Throats and Bodies," May 1990.

R.A. Ettinger, "Foam Flow Resistance in Berea Sandstone," December 1989. 

D.J. Manlowe, "Pore-Level Mechanisms of Foam Destabilization of Oil in Porous Media," December 1988. 

P. Chu, "Metal Ion Diffusion in Porous Oxides with Surface Complexation," with E.E. Petersen, December 1987. 

G. Ginley, "Flow of Surfactant-Laden Bubbles in Circular Capillaries," December 1987. 

T.C. Ransohoff, "Foam Generation in Constricted Noncircular Capillaries and in Bead Packs," December 1986. 

D.J. Jensen, "Ionic Diffusion Through Montmorillonite at Elevated Temperature: An Assessment of Bentonite-Based Packing for Use in Geologic Waste Repositories," December 1986. 

D.C. Ting, "The Kinetics of Alkali Consumption by Silicate Minerals," December 1985. 

J.A. Jensen, "Chromatographic Transport of Alkaline Buffers in Underground Porous Media," December 1985. 

S.D. Thornton, "Dissolution and Condensation Kinetics of Crystalline and Amorphous Silica in Alkaline Solutions," December 1984. 

A. Soudek, "Binary and Ternary Ion Exchange on Sodium Montmorillonite for Application to Backfill in Nuclear Waste Disposal," December 1984. 

K. Antonsen, "A Network Model for Miscible Displacement with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids," December 1983. 

D.P. Schmidt, "Linear Oil Displacement by the Emulsion Entrapment Process," June 1982. 

J.G. Kelly, "Tertiary Displacement of Oleic-Acid Oils with Alkaline Agents," December 1979. 

R.S. Steininger, "Filtration of Solvent Refined Coal Suspensions," June 1979. 

H. Keesom, "Electrokinetics of Electrolytes and Surfactants in Narrow Pores," June 1978. 


Dr. Agnes de Paula Scheer, Visiting from Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Dr. Ana Maria Sastre, Visiting Professor from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Cheng-Chun Peng, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Csaba Kotsmar, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam-Golm Germany

Dr. Ali Boushehri, Visiting from Shiraz University, Shiraz , Iran

Dr. Tatiana Svitova, Visiting Scholar from Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Dr. Vasily Andreev, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from St. Petersburg State University, Russia

Maria Eugenia Gonzalez Jimenez, Ph.D. Student from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Dr. Elisa Rodriguez Porcel, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from University of Almeria, Spain

Dr. Kai Leonhard, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from University at Cologne, Germany

Dr. Olivier Theodoly, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from College de France, Paris, 2000-2001.

Dr. Emil Manev, Visiting from University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 2000-2001.

Dr. Anuj Chauhan, Postdoctoral Student, Ph.D. from City College of New York, New York, 1998-2000. Now at the University of Florida.

Christian Johansson, Visiting Student, 2000.

Dr. Andrea Hickel, Postdoctoral Student, 1997-1999

Dr. Anton Middelberg, Visiting Scholar, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1998.

P.A. Galera-Gomez, Visiting Professor, University of Madrid, Spain, 1996. 

T. Svitova, Visiting Scholar, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, 1995-96. 

V.V. Kalinin, Visiting Scholar, Moscow State Academy of Food Industry, Moscow, Russia, January 1995-December 1996. 

J. Milter, Visiting Researcher, Rogaland University, Stavanger, Norway, 1993-94. 

J.E. Hanssen, Visiting Researcher, Rogaland University, Stavanger, Norway, 1992-93.  

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