Radke Lab

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Prof. Clayton J. Radke

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vision Science
(Fearless leader and lifetime member)
Email: radke@cchem.berkeley.edu
Office: 101E Gilman Hall, UC Berkeley
Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

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Hailey Boyer

Project: Understanding and Mitigating Durability Issues for Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Applications
Email: hboyer@berkeley.edu
Office: 127-70, LBNL

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Kevin Espinet

Project: Understanding the Physics of Thin Film Ionomer Interfaces in Electrochemical Systems Using Spectroscopy Methods
Email: kevin.b.espinet@berkeley.edu
Office: 127-70, LBNL

Young Hyun Kim

Project: Transport Phenomenon in Anterior Segment of the Eye and Contact Lenses
Email: youngkim719@berkeley.edu
Office: 289, Tan Hall

John Petrovick

Project: Using Microelectrodes to Explore Fuel Cell Ionomers
Email: jpetrovick@berkeley.edu
Office: 127-70, LBNL

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Siddharth Rajupet

Project: Investigating catalyst ink interactions governing fuel cell electrode formation
Email: siddharth.rajupet@berkeley.edu
Office: 127-70, LBNL

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Harsh Srivastav

Project: Predicting Porous Electrode Formation
Email: harshsrivastav@berkeley.edu
Office: 127-70, LBNL

Lab Alumni

Anamika Chowdhury

Project: Transport Phenomenon in Fuel-Cell Catalyst Layers
Current: Lam Research

Andrew Crothers

Project: Transport Phenomenon in proton-conducting membranes
Current: Boston Metal

Thomas Dursch

Project: Ice-Crystallization Kinetics during Fuel-Cell Cold-Start
Current: Cell Press