The traditional view of metals in biology is that redox-inactive alkali and alkaline metals like sodium, potassium, and calcium are broadly used for cell signaling, whereas redox-active transition metals like copper and iron are solely metabolic cofactors that must be buried and tightly-bound within protein active sites to protect the cell from potential oxidative stress and damage. Our work breaks this narrow mold by establishing a new paradigm of transition metal signaling, where these essential nutrients can also serve as dynamic cellular messengers. We are developing fluorescent, bioluminescent, and PET probes to image transition metal pools, chemoproteomics probes to identify and characterize new metalloprotein targets, and optogenetic constructs to manipulate transition metal signals in cell, tissue, and zebrafish and mouse models. These chemical tools are being applied to study the contributions of transition metal signaling to fat metabolism in obesity, diabetes, and cancer along with neural circuitry.


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Updated 2 Jun 2017