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Fri 7 July 2015
Annie's collaborative review "Metal-Polypyridyl Catalysts for Electro- and Photochemical Reduction of Water to Hydrogen" appeared in Accounts of Chemical Research. The review was written in collaboration with the J. Long lab.
Mon 22 June 2015
Jonah and Eva's collaborative paper, "Bioinspired design of redox-active ligands for multielectron catalysis: effects of positioning pyrazine reservoirs on cobalt for electro- and photocatalytic generation of hydrogen from water," appeared in Chemical Science. The paper is a result of a collaboration with the M. Head-Gordon, J. Long, and F. Castellano labs.
Sun 7 June 2015
Annie's paper "Water-Soluble Iron(IV)-Oxo Complexes Supported by Pentapyridine Ligands: Axial Ligand Effects on Hydrogen Atom and Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactivity" appeared in Inorganic Chemistry.
Fri 5 June 2015
Thom and Carl's review "Chemical Approaches to Discovery and Study of Sources and Targets of Hydrogen Peroxide Redox Signaling Through NADPH Oxidase Proteins" appeared in the Annual Review of Biochemistry. The review was written in collaboration with the K. Carroll lab.

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