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Tuberculosis Links

Genomic Databases

TubercuList Web Server - H37Rv genome (Pasteur Institute)
BCGList Web Server - M. bovis BCG genome (Pasteur Institute)
BoviList Web Server - M. bovis AF2122/97 genome (Pasteur Institute)
Leproma Web Server - M. leprae TN strain genome (Pasteur Institute)

Broad Institute Mtb Database - Comparative analysis of Mtb genomes (including: C, Haarlem, F11, & 3 XDR KZN strains)
TB Database - Integrated platform for TB research including comparative genomics tool
BioHealthBase (Mtb) - Integrated genomics tool

DOE Joint Genome Institute Integrated Microbial Genomes - Microbial genetics tool
PathoGene - A CDS finding and primer design tool for microbes

TB Structural Genomics Consortium - Database of protein structures from Mtb

General TB Links

Nature Medicine Focus on Tuberculosis - (2007 & 2000)

Colorado State University TB Contract - Provides TB vaccine testing and research materials
Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases - UC Berkeley

TB in the News - Google News results