BSL3 Laboratory
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UC Berkeley Biosafety Level 3 Facility

campThe University of California, Berkeley recently completed construction of a new Biosafety Level 3 Facility to address global public health emerging and neglected disease research on campus.

The BSL3 Facility is a multiuser laboratory covering the biosafety needs of researchers across campus and includes members from the Colleges of Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Public Health. The BSL3 Facility is located on the top floor of Hildebrand Hall and is overseen by the College of Chemistry. The Facility operates by recharge, allowing users access to equipment and supplies at a minimal cost. All common supplies are included in the user fee.

The BSL3 Facility is a state-of-the-art center for infectious disease research. The BSL3 Facility covers 1400 sq. ft. containing two procedure areas, four biosafety cabinets, a specialty equipment room, pass-through autoclave, ante-room, storage/fumigation area, and entry vestibule. The main procedure areas are equipped with two table-top centrifuges, an aerosol-tight microfuge, two CO2 incubators, a large roller-bottle incubator, two standard incubators, a shaking incubator, two refrigerators, -20 freezer, and -80 freezer.

The new biosafety suite also includes a new 500 sq. ft. BSL2 support laboratory, containing a biosafety cabinet and chemical fume hood for processing samples coming from the BSL3 laboratory. Use of this support laboratory is included in the cost of the BSL3 recharge rate.