Ajoy Lab at U.C. Berkeley

We are an experimental research group focused on harnessing the power of quantum technologies in real-world chemical and physical sciences.

We develop new modalities of “quantum-enhanced” NMR and MRI to generate new analytical tools on-chip or on the benchtop. We aim to marry together chemically-specific NMR spectroscopy, with the high spatial resolution, throughput, and ubiquity of a laser.

Our group thrives on interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemistry, applied physics and materials science.

What we do

Our Research

Nuclear spins excite us. They are ubiquitous, constituting everything around us, and are quantum objects endowed with extremely long coherence times. They don’t participate in chemical reactions, but report on their local chemical environment making them excellent reporters of chemical structure. NMR spectroscopy can probe these spins, but suffer from several technical limitations.

We are innovating a new paradigm of deployable NMR probes, with the aim of bringing NMR spectroscopy within natural sample environments. By “bringing NMR to the sample”, with nanoscale spatial resolution, we are interested in harnessing the exquisite chemical specificity of NMR to reveal insights into reaction mechanisms in-situ.